Theatrical Event on Workers' Rights

A staged reading which took place at RawArt Gallery on the closing day of Noam Toran's solo exhibition, "Bright Meteor Will Shine the Way of the Worker", 7.7.2018.


Adaptation and Direction: Kfir Lapid-Mishal
Dramaturgy: Yuval Zehavi
Actors-creators: Shira Hassid and Arnon Rosenthal

On the production line of the legal apparatus - who exploits who, and who is being exploited?

Between the cogs of the justice machine - who is the operator and who is operated upon?

And in the theatre factory - who is the judge and who are the workers?

A team of theatre creators met for a staged reading of the court scenes from the American Communist play "Injunction Granted". The original play was written by the editorial staff of "The Living Newspaper" in 1938.

This is a documentary play that deals with workers' rights - the right of unionise and the right to strike - and expresses the immense difficulty in the struggle against power mechanisms. 

The event focused on the court scenes that appear in the play and seeks to examine the biomechanics of the various figures in the legal process -the judge, the prosecutor and the defendant. The adaptation emphasised the relationship between body and machine, between acting and work, between the observer and the judge, and between the theatrical stage and the court.