”Outlines” is an exhibition of a collective-feminist art created by young women, exploring the boundaries of sexual assault and sexual harassment. The collective work provided us a home and a stage, where we weaved our personal and collective story.


We created our embroidery out of a feminist perspective that originated in the United States in the 1970s, and which was designed to place the crafts that are considered "feminine" in their appropriate place in the artistic hierarchy. This artistic perspective focuses the gaze in issues that may be considered "scandalous": Rape and sexual assault of women, menstrual cycles, abortions, mothers and home. The use of embroidery for us is a deep, free and true expression, inspired by the female experience and addressing the body.


At the exhibition, we invited the visitors to add their embroidery to our works, to correspond with us in text and form and to deepen the connection between the work, the space and us.


The Exhibition:


Photography: BENPALHOB


Opening night:


Photography: BENPALHOB