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My research is situated within the intersections of theatre and law, legal performance, verbatim theatre, performance of the real, performance of violence, and political theatre. 


Additionally, I am particularly interested in queer performance and queer theory, practice as research, and the performance of resistance and decolonization. 

Conferences & Public Talks


Writing in Cafés: How I Resist Disembodied Writing

    A paper presented at This PhD Life conference, University of Glasgow, Scotland.


Strained Mercy: Censorship and the Search for Guilt in the 1936 Self-Imposed Trial of HaBima

    A paper presented at the 25th annual British Graduate Shakespeare Conference, the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, UK. 

My Self-Imposed Trial

    Poster at Research Firsts exhibition, Advanced Research Centre, Glasgow, Scotland.


The Trial of Ham: A Micro Mock Trial

    An interactive talk presented at the Black History Month events of the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities, Scotland.

Enduring Friction: Theatre on Trial

    A paper presented at the conference “Hear Them Speak: Voices in Literature, Culture and the Arts,” University of Glasgow, Scotland.



Resisting the Urge to Defend the Essentiality of Art

    A paper presented in “Three Minutes on Art, Culture, and COVID-19”, an online video exhibition by the Faculty of Arts, Tel Aviv University. (Hebrew)


Drama, Manic-Depression, and Patient Rights 

    Public talk at Geha Psychiatric Hospital, Petah Tikva, Israel. 


Theatre, Law, and Hanoch Levin’s Rape Trial

    Public talk at Café Rega, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Ashes to Ashes: Is Expression of Female Violence Just Too Much?,” Performance Research, Vol. 28, Issue 3 (2024).

The Irruption of Real Violence: the Open Dramaturgy of Theatrical Mock Trials in Milo Rau’s The Moscow Trials,” Documenta, Vol. 41, issue 2 (2023).

The Transfiguration of Cargo Shorts: Reclaiming the QueeRevolution,” Journal of Imaginary Research, Vol. 7 (2022), 28-29.

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