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In SHOW.TRIAL. Judge Judas came to SERVE: serve justice for all the queer deviants who were wronged and never got their day in court, who were hurt and never saw justice. Now they have the power to put on trial those who wronged them, and to do that according to the queer laws of the here and now. 

Before the show, the audience submits indictments against the people they want to put on trial and what they accuse them of, through an online indictment platform. Judge Judas reads these indictments to the audience-jury, who decides the verdict by shouting ‘guilty’ or ‘innocent’. To punish those who are found guilty, the audience gets to use the judge's body. After every guilty verdict, we inscribe the word “guilty” somewhere beneath the judge’s robe. The audience is invited to shout where they think we should do it, and, if they’re naughty, they get to write it there themselves.

Debut performance: Queer Theory, 29 March 2024, Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland.

Photos: Diana Dumi (@dumivisuals)

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