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Biomechanics of Law
Biomechanics of Law
The Merchant of Venice - The Trial
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דימוי רות ורותם 2
Safe Shore
Safe Shore


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At the age of 17 I decided to become a lawyer. The experience of being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community was, and still is, key to my outlook on otherness and on walking the earth as a member of a minority community. Seeing similar oppressive power structures, I realized that the fight for equal rights calls for joining forces in a fight for equality and a just society as a whole. It became clear to me that all freedoms depend on one another, and I felt an obligation to fight for the equality and freedom of others as fiercely as for my own. 

For over a decade I have dedicated myself to the Law. The Law, seeking to look at the world through dichotomies, matched my personal views: rights vs. obligations, guilt vs. innocence, authorities vs. liberties. The Law offered a holistic perception of the world, of the relationships between people and the relationships between them and power. I have grown to acquire a love of the Law.


However, as I dove deeper into the Law, I noticed that something is missing. Slowly, the sealed mirror of the law cracked, and through the fractures I could see things that the law couldn't represent. Through works of art dealing with the law, with concepts of justice, equality, human rights - I saw deeper truths. Art presented me with the search for truth as it is: at times a worthy but idyllic striving and at times a foretold yet glorious failure. This revelation led me to devote my efforts, in research and in practice, to the core relationship of creative arts and the law.

With a passion for art which takes responsibility for creating a just and equal society, I have decided to devote my research and my practice to art initiatives promoting social change and presenting an alternative, artistic, truth-finding and justice-doing mechanisms.  


Kfir Lapid-Mashall (he/him) is a writer, dramaturg and theatre maker, whose research-based creative practice aims to incite aesthetic, critical, and political exploration of authoritarian landscapes, societal power structures, and mechanisms of truth-searching and justice-doing. Kfir’s work was featured in key festivals and venues in Israel – Acre’s Fringe Festival, Jerusalem’s Tower of David, Social Bauhaus Festival (Haifa) and in several galleries and performance spaces in Tel Aviv.

Kfir is a Ph.D. researcher in Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow, pursuing an interdisciplinary research project titled: “Introducing Judicial Theatre as the Performance of Theatrical Mock Trials.” Kfir completed his M.A. (research) in Interdisciplinary Arts (Magna Cum Laude), and his LL.B. in Law and Economics, both at Tel Aviv University.

Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Kfir currently lives with his husband in Los Angeles, California.


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